e found better opportunities. In today's episode of My Migrant Life, our reporter Wang Mangmang meets one of▓ the

de" among railway

r ser▓ve customers from around the world.Wang started four years ago as a stock boy, his very▓ first job. He worked all the way up to shop supervisor and now

  • makes three thousand yuan a month.Wang said, "I'm quite luck

  • y. Most migrants working in the service sector have a hard time getting a job or mak

  • ing enough money. I think if you work hard enough, your efforts

  • will pay off. Shanghai is a city that never stops trying and

  • it's very tolerant.▓ This spirit works as a guide for me."Not everyo

  • ne is as lucky. Li Li has experienced ▓frustration in looking for a job. And

  • so have many others.Li said, "▓I used to be a hotel houseke

  • eper. It was a very tiring, low paid job. So I quit and wait

workers in ▓2010.

  • From farmers

    ed several months for employment agencies to find m▓e a new job. During that time, I went back ho

  • to city dwelle

    me and wondered if I should come back at all. Now working her▓e is so good. I c

  • rs, millions o

    an learn different things."Shanghai has over four million migrant workers be▓ing employ

f migrant wo
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